Hotel Wooden Umbrella is one of the best hotels in Gauchar you can stay. It is located on NH 7 Badrinath highway. Gauchar is a small town, so you will not find so many premium hotels because it is a semi rural area. Hotel Wooden Umbrella is one of the best premium segment hotels in Gauchar with premium rooms with room service and car parking.

It is a nice place to stay when you are in Gauchar or want to spend your night in Gauchar. Comfortable and very approachable destination not only during CharDham Yatra but also during rest of the year. The hotel is just on the side of the main road so aged people will not face any problem getting to the hotel.

All the rooms are equipped with 24*7 backup and hot water facility and separate restaurant for Indian as well as continental foodie.

It is a recommended residence for Char Dham Travelers, Bikers, Trekkers and Mountaineers who want to stay in Gaucher during their Journey.

Location of Hotel Wooden Umbrella – Badrinath Road Near Main Market Gauchar 246429 India

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