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Chakrata Hill Station Travel Guide and Places to visit Nearby

Chakrata hill station is one of the best places to visit in Dehradun, located at an altitude of about, 7000 ft above sea level. Chakrata in Dehradun is a hill station in Uttarakhand state and is a popular tourist destination ideal for mountain climbing, skiing, and trekking.

Chakrata is the most visited place in Dehradun like Mussoorie Hill station where you can visit in winters as well as in summers. But we will recommend visiting Chakrata during winters to see the beauty of snow-covered hilltops.

The town was known earlier as Jaunsar- Bawar(a small hamlet of the Jaunsari tribe). Yamuna valley is located down the hilly area. Chakrata was developed by the Britishers and was a summer destination for the high executives of the East India Company. Presently Chakrata encloses military cantonment and the access is restricted here for civilian travelers. Kharamba peak is the highest mountain in Chakrata Uttarakhand with an altitude of about 10,000 ft. Trekkers, nature lovers, bird watchers, and wildlife lovers can spend days together here in the lap of beautiful Chakrata. The forest around Chakrata is a habitat for amazing flora and fauna including wild dowels, spotted deers, and panthers.

Chakrata Hill Station Travel Guide

Being a military area, Foreigners are required to obtain a permit from the Commandant 22 Force c/o APO to visit Chakrata. If possible, avoid visiting Chakrata in the monsoon season, you can face roadblocks, landslides, and other problems.

There are no resorts in Chakrata, so the best options for food are hotels in Chakrata. Chakrata doesn’t have petrol pumps. The nearest petrol pumps are at Vikasnagar which is at a distance of 50 Kms. So it is advised to fill up your tank before visiting Chakrata.

Note:Chakrata hill station is one of the very popular places in Dehradun, Chakrata to visit all over the year and Mussoorie also.

Activities to do and places to visit in Chakrata

There are many caves and ancient temples near Chakrata which is the main attraction point of this secluded hill station. Most of the towns are peaceful and unpolluted.

The two famous temples at Chakrata are the Hano Mahasu temple and the Lakhamandal which are located on the banks of the river Yamuna and traces their existence to the legends of the epic Mahabharata.

Tourists can also find many small treks and hiking places around Chakrata and some famous waterfalls(Tiger fall). The alpine meadows of Mundali offer skiing opportunities during winter. Below are some famous places you can visit in Chakrata.

Top 15 places to visit in Chakrata, Dehradun

  • Kanasar – Camping And River Rafting In Chakrata
  • Deoban – Bird Watching
  • Budher Caves – Venture In!
  • Chilmiri Neck – Admire The Scenic Sunsets
  • Deoban Forest – Rock Climbing
  • Witness Fairs And Festivals
  • Kimona Falls – Waterfall Rappelling
  • Chakrata Forest Check Post – Horse Riding
  • Tiger Falls – Trek All The Way To It
  • Makhti Pokhari Village – Walk Or Bicycle
  • Yamuna Adventure Park – Water Activities
  • Lakhamandal Temple – Marvel At The Architecture
  • Mundali – Go Skiing
  • Ram Tal Horticultural Garden – Have A Picnic
  • Hanol – Seek Blessings At Mahasu Devta Temple

Places to visit in Chakrata Hill Station

There are some other beautiful places to visit near Chakrata. You can roam and enjoy the beauty of nature there. There are many other hill stations near Chakrata and some famous waterfalls in Chakrata. Below are some famous locations in Chakrata where you can visit.

Chilmiri Neck

Chilmiri Neck is the peak point in Chakrata where the mess and quarters of the military are located.  The view of the scenic mountains, lands, and dense forests from Chilmiri Neck leave an unforgettable impact. It is the best location for bird watching and butterflies of different species. The beautiful Himalayan peaks like Rohini peak, Bandarpoonch, and Swarga peak are easily visible from here.

Tiger Falls

Tiger falls is one of the famous falls of Chakrata, Dehradun, which is approximately 20 km from Chakrata.  The mesmerizing waterfall can be reached by an easy trek of 5 Km. The trek to Tiger Falls is an enthralling experience. Tiger falls is one of the highest falls in India, Uttarakhand having a height of about 312ft. Tiger fall is an ideal location for photography, picnic, trekking, and taking bath.


The Ashoka Pillar Rock Edict built in 450 B.C. at Kalsi represents the post-war era when King Ashoka turned himself to the Buddhist faith. An edict is made in Kalsi with quartz having a length of 10 ft and 8ft breadth. The spiritual location is preserved by the National Archaeological Department(NAD) as this edict has great historical significance(relates with Ashoka).


Kanasar is 28 Km from Chakrata(a forest of Deodar and Pine). The deodar trees here are said to have the largest trunk in the whole of Asia.


Foreign tourists are not allowed to visit Chakrata directly, they are allowed up to Kalsi. For visiting Chakrata foreigners have to obtain permission from the Commandant 22 Force c/o 56 APO.

Overview Chakrata

  • Location: Dehradun, Uttarakhand
  • Best time to visit Chakrata: All the months of the year
  • Recommended stay: 2 days
  • Chakrata from Dehradun: 98 Km
  • Nearest railway station: Dehradun, 98 Km
  • Nearest airport: Jolly Grant Airport Dehradun, 126 Km
  • Famous for: Tiger fall, Hill station, Peaceful location and Weekend destination
Does Chakrata receive Snowfall?

Yes, you can enjoy and see snowfall in Chakrata hill station in winter. It is Uttarakhand’s snowfall place, so you can enjoy snowfall from November to February and it is the best time to visit Chakrata.

For what Chakrata is famous for?

Tiger falls, Ram Tal horticultural garden and Hathikund Barrage are some most famous places to visit in Chakrata. Chakrata is famous for these places and its amazing weather throughout the year.

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