Activities to do in Kartik Swami – Travel Guide

Activities to do in Kartik Swami

As you all know that Kartikswami is famous for the Lord Kartikey temple but there is a lot more to do when you visit there. The following activities you can enjoy while traveling to Kartikswami.

Trekking: Kartikswami is 3 Km far away from the road. We can reach easily thereby trekking the route in about an hour. There are reddish forests of Buransh all over the route, which makes the journey more beautiful. There are many scenes in between the trek to view the other far villages and the Himalayan Range.

Camping: In Kartikswami there are many places for camping, you can enjoy camping with your family and friends. So come here once and spend some quality time in the lap of nature. The views of Chaukhamba Peak, Neelkanth and Dronagiri Parvat(Peak) can be seen from Kartikswami.

camping in kartikswami

Bird Watching: Kartikswami is a paradise for birdwatchers. As there are more than 150 plus bird species found here which includes Golden eagle, Steppe eagle, Black eagle, Bearded Vulture, Himalayan Snowcock and the Himalayan Monal is also seen here. There are many more species of birds found here.

Village Tourism: For village tourism, Kanakchauri is the base starting point of the Kartikswami trek you can also enjoy there.

Travel Tips Kartik Swami

  • The best time to visit or travel to Kartikswami is from the month of October to June. At that time the weather becomes awesome and you can enjoy the 360-degree view of snow-covered Himalayan Ranges during the months of October and November.

  • There are no many places to stay, you can stay in the Ashrams of the Kartikswami and the second option for stay is Kanakchauri Village where Mayadeep Holiday Home and 2 more residences. You can also stay in the nearest towns like Karanprayag where Krishna Palace and many more hotels are there.

  • If possible don’t miss the beautiful sunset from Kartikswami. It feels so good and peaceful.

Where to Stay in Kartik Swami

Kanakchauri is the only village near Kartikswami after the Ashrams where you can stay. Mayadeep Holiday Home is the newly build eco-lodge in Kanakchauri which is built from the bamboos. It provides Bamboo huts with all the needed facilities for the tourists who stay here. From here you can enjoy the view of Garhwal Village life and Culture.

If you stay in the Aashram which is managed by the priests of Kartikswami, you have to carry the basic food items like flour, tea, rice, and some other you want to carry along with you. You can also stay in the nearest town which is Karanprayag and then Gauchar but Karanprayag is less far from here so we recommend staying in Karanprayag.

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