Benital a Picnic Spot in Chamoli


We all know that Uttarakhand is one of the most beautiful states of India, and there is no place in this state where you don’t see the beauty of nature. Every village and location in Uttarakhand itself is a beautiful tourist destination. In this article, we are going to talk about a hidden and underrated tourist destination in Chamoli. That location is Benital. It is one of the most beautiful locations I have seen where there is a very big lake located at a high mountain plane. Benital is one of the best tourist destinations nearby Karnaprayag.

The lake is surrounded by green lush forests and small green grass. The total area of Benital is spread over approx, 34000 naali. There is a beautiful old-style bungalow in Benital which is private property, so you can’t enter there. If you are in Karnaprayag and looking to spend some quality time with your loved ones or as a couple, then Benital could be a great choice for you.

Recently, the Chamoli district administration announced that Benital will be developed as an Astro village. Benital is well-connected with the branch road and the nearest town is Simli and then Karnaprayag.

Benital is just 31 Km away from Karnaprayag and easily accessible via road. There are a few beautiful villages in between the Benital route, so you can enjoy the beauty of those villages. Benital is also a good location for trekking and bird watching. The views from here are so mesmerizing and you are going to love the peace and greenery.

Benital a beautiful lake in Chamoli

Basically, Benital is a still-water lake that is surrounded by a green small grass fields. Benital is a popular picnic spot in the Karnaprayag block of Chamoli district. For decades, the land of Benital is used by locals to feed their cows and buffaloes. There is almost no infrastructure in Benital like resorts, hotels, and others. But in the upcoming future, you will see some buildings of GMVN guest house and other things here under the project Benital Astro Village.

Generally, few people visit Benital on an average day and there is no staying facility here, so you will have to return from here in the evening. If you are searching for a homestay in Benital then you will need to travel 5 to 7 Km down from Benital and you will find a location Ghandiyal where there is a homestay. Where you can stay and get some food items.

So overall Benital is one of the best picnic and camping spots in Chamoli Uttarakhand. If you want to do camping, then you will need to carry the necessary equipment and food items for camping in Benital.

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