Top 10 Hotels in Auli Chamoli

Hotels in Auli

Auli is one of the best places to visit in Chamoli. If you are in Auli and searching for hotels in Auli. If yes, then below are the best hotels to stay in Auli. If you are planning to visit Auli and looking for hotels in Auli then we have listed the best hotels in Auli to stay in. Auli is one of the most popular destinations in Uttarakhand. Especially for newly married couples, this place is the best honeymoon destination in Uttarakhand.

You may find it crowded in the peak season like in winters because Auli is one of the best winter destinations in Uttarakhand. So who did not pre-book the hotels in Auli by contacting the hotel owners before the trip to Auli?

The hotels in Auli listed below are from semi-deluxe to luxury and will fit into your budget properly. But in peak season, the prices may vary.

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Top 10 Best Hotels in Auli to Stay

  1. Himalayan Abode Luxurious HomeStay
  2. The Tattva – A Boutique Resort
  3. The Maple Leaf
  4. Hotel Mount View Annexy
  5. Blue Poppy Resort
  6. Ski and Snow Cliff Top Club Holiday Resort at Auli
  7. Blue Bells Cottages
  8. XRA Hotel and Resort
  9. The Sleeping Beauty Hotel
  10. Panchvati Inn

Frequently Asked Questions:

1 – Where Should We Stay in Auli?

There are many hotels in Auli where you can stay. Some of them are below

The Himalayan Abode – For Budget Travelers.
Hotel Manik Resort Auli – Witness Local Auli.
Hotel Mount View – Amazing Views.
Hotel Auli D Best hotel for Solo Travelers.
The Sleeping Beauty – The Cozy Rooms.
Cliff Top Club Auli – A Grand Building.

2 – Is Auli worth visiting?

Auli is 100% worth visiting, you will see the beauty of nature around you. The views from Auli are mesmerizing and there is Auli artificial lake which is the highest artificial man-made lake in the world.

3 – Can we stay in Auli?

Yes, you can stay in Auli. There are plenty of huts and hotels in Auli where you can look for accommodation.

4 – Is it better to stay in Auli or Joshimath?

Both the locations are perfect for accommodation, but if you want to enjoy the snow more and those mesmerizing snowy mornings and the beauty of the sunrise, then Auli is better to stay than Joshimath. But during the peak season in Auli, you may not be able to find hotels or homestays in Auli. So in that case it is best to take a homestay or hotel in Joshimath.

5 – Which is the best time to visit Auli?

The best time to visit Auli is from November to February. In February, winter skiing games are held.

6 – How many days are sufficient to visit Auli?

3 days are sufficient to visit Auli. You can enjoy other beautiful location s near Auli. Enjoy your holiday in the wonderful ski resort in Uttarakhand.

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