Karnaprayag Sangam

Karnaprayag is an ancient holy town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. Badrinath is 130 Km away from here and Gauchar is 10 Km before from where you can take heli services to Dehradun, Badrinath and Hemkund Sahib. At Karnaprayag the 2 holy rivers meet with each other Alaknanda and the Pindari River. Alaknanda flows nearby from Badrinath and Pindari from the Pindari glacier. Karnaprayag Sangam is the confluence of river Alaknanda and Pindari rivers.

According to legends and it is also written in some holy books of the Hindu religion, Karna the warrior of Mahabharata and the elder brother of the Pandavas, performed severe penance at Karnaprayag to acquire an impregnable shield(Kavach and Kundal) from lord Surya(Sun).

This place has special religious importance and it also offers huge opportunities to adventure lovers and avid nature enthusiasts, bird watchers, photographers, content creators and vloggers.

Karna the bigger brother of Pandavas meditated here and there is a famous Karna temple in Karnaprayag that you can consider visiting. Karnaprayag sangam is the holy confluence of river Alaknanda and Pindari river. The Panch Prayag yatra has religious importance, it is considered a holy yatra and a crucial achievement with reference to an individual’s personal spiritual progress.

The panch prayag yatra is encompassed around a route that includes 5 halts of Uttarakhand which are known as Panch Prayag, which are – Vishnuprayag, Nandprayag, Karnaprayag, Rudraprayag and Sonprayag.

Places to visit near Karnaprayag

The Karnaprayag is one of the panch prayag which is a very holy place that a Hindu must visit. It is one of the 5 confluences of the river Alaknanda and Pinder rivers. The holy town is located on the Badrinath route. The valley is surrounded by beautiful green hills.

Karnaprayag Sangam is one of the best places to see in Karnaprayag. Every day, hundreds of students and other people visit Karnaprayag Sangam and do photoshoots here, enjoying their free time with their loved ones.

If you are in Karnaprayag then you must visit Karnaprayag Sangam. It is the perfect location for peace, enjoying the views of rivers Alaknanda and Pinder meeting with each other, do photography and videography here. Whenever I visit Karnaprayag I visit the Sangam and it makes my mind at peace, this location is best for content creators.

It is very easy to reach Karnaprayag Sangam the location is just near the NH7 Badrinath highway Karnaprayag Chamoli. It is just a walking distance away, also there is an ancient Shiva temple at Sangam you must visit there.

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Karnaprayag distance from various cities

DelhiKarnaprayag400 Kms (approx)
BareillyKarnaprayag318 Kms (approx)
LucknowKarnaprayag565 Kms (approx)
ChandigarhKarnaprayag377 Kms (approx)
ShimlaKarnaprayag435 Kms (approx)
Karnaprayag Distance Chart

The best time to visit Karnaprayag

The best time to visit Karnaprayag is from January to December. Summers and winters are both the seasons that are best to visit Karnaprayag. But we don’t recommend you to visit Karnaprayag or any other hill station during the monsoon season, because the hill areas become so risky and there are much chances of heavy rainfall that results in landslides.

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