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Karnaprayag one of the panch prayag in Uttarakhand. It is the land of Karna where he meditated for years during the Mahabharata time period. This city has historic and religious importance. It is the 2nd entrance city to the holy Char Dham Badrinath temple. If you are visiting Badrinath and searching for the best hotels or resorts in Karnaprayag then you have landed on the right page. Karnaprayag city comes after Gauchar which is a small town 10 Km before Karnaprayag.

There are plenty of homestays and hotels in Karnaprayag you can choose from as per your budget. There are some hotels and resorts of Karnaprayag listed on the Garhwali Traveller website. You can choose from a wide range of hotels, homestays and resorts ranging from budget-friendly low-cost economical hotels to some luxury hotels in Karnaprayag.

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Hotels and Homestays in Karnaprayag

  • Hotel Krishna Palace
  • Ashwamegh Lodge
  • GMVN Karnaprayag
  • The Kedar’s Dev
  • GMVN Kaleshwar Tourist Rest House

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All the prices displayed here are starting from lowest to highest as per the luxury and facilities provided by the property.

Karnaprayag hotel prices will vary on your travel date, char dham yatra season and the number of persons.

There are many hotels and homestays at Karnaprayag where you can stay with your friends, and family, solo, or with your loved ones. There will be a few limitations in some hotels, but they are common formalities.

Always carry your ID card such as an Aadhaar card with you, at reception you will have to show your identity to book your rooms.

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