Gauchar Travel Guide and Places to See

Gauchar is a beautiful town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. This town is the starting town of the Chamoli district. This place is known for Gauchar Field, Gauchar Mela and Helipad. Gauchar is a valley town that recently got the award for the best Ganga town. It is a small town located at an altitude of 800 meters from sea level. Gauchar town is surrounded by beautiful mountains, that’s why sometimes Gauchar is also known as Gauchar Valley.

Gauchar is famous for the historic fair Gauchar Mela, which is one of the largest fairs that are organized all over Uttarakhand. It is one of the largest pieces of flat land in the mountainous region of Uttarakhand. There is also an Airstrip here in the Gauchar, which is operational under UDAN Yojana. UDAN is a Government’s regional airports and routes development scheme with capped airfares that will be subsidized were uncompetitive. You can reach Gauchar from Dehradun via helicopter. The Heli service from Gauchar to Dehradun are available 3 weeks a day.

You can book a helicopter from Gauchar to Dehradun online from the official website of Pawan Hans Pvt. Ltd.

There is not much to see in Gauchar, but there are 2 popular places in Gauchar you can visit, which are Gauchar Airport and Gauchar Mela ground. There are a few villages and picnic spots near Gaucher you can also visit with your friends or family.

Gauchar town lies on NH7, which was before NH58. This town serves the halt for the travellers and yatris on the way to Badrinath Temple. Gauchar airport played a very important role at the time of the Kedarnath flood, in 2013 to rescue pilgrimages.

Cultural Importance of Gauchar Ground

Gauchar could be a great attraction to the dwellers of the Garhwal region and the tourists who travel from here. If you are a solo traveller, then you must Stay in Gauchar for at least 1 day and explore Gauchar. You can hire our travel agents if you want to visit Gauchar or the places near Gauchar. We recommend you visit Gauchar in November month because Gauchar Mela is held from the 14th of November so you can enjoy the cultural fair of Gauchar.

Gauchar Mela has been hosted for decades. In 1943, it got the opportunity to host the largest trade fair of Uttarakhand which was hosted by the Bhotias and every year they came with their handmade products. Such as woollen clothes and sweaters, spices and other items. Inhabitants from the border areas, Bhatia were the traditional experts in making handmade woollen garments and other materials. One famous spice, they grow in their villages, is known as Faran. Gauchar Mela is a great attraction and the most exciting fair for the people of Chamoli district.

Places to See Near Gauchar

There are no numerous places to see near Gauchar, but the few ones have their importance such as Hariyali Devi temple, Karanprayag(visit Karna Temple), Dhanpur village where Britishers time Copper mine is situated and one of their Bungalow is located near the Baula village. You can also visit the riverbank of river Alaknanda near the Bhattnagar village near Gauchar.

Staying in Gauchar

There are some small resorts and Hotels in Gauchar such as GMVN in Gauchar etc where you can stay in Gauchar. Some famous names are:

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