Kalpeshwar Mahadev Temple Urgam Chamoli


Kalpeshwar is one of the historic Shiva temples in Uttarakhand. It is the last and 5th Panch Kedar temple where lord Shiva is worshipped. It is located in the Urgam Valley of Chamoli district of Uttarakhand. It is tKalpeshwar Mahadev temple is the only temple among all the Panch Kedar that remains open throughout the year and the easiest Panch Kedar temple to reach. So you can visit Kalpeshwar temple in any month of the year. The Matted hairs or Jata or Lord Shiva are worshiped inside this temple.

The Urgam Valley is so beautiful and it feels like you are in heaven. For photographers and content creators, this valley is a jackpot. Below are some drone shots of Urgam Valley and Kelpeshwar Mahadev Temple

Lord Shiva is worshipped in the form of matted hairs at Kalpeshwar temple, and the trail to this sacred shrine goes through thick and lush green forests. There is one old tree near the temple known as the Kalpvriksha tree, and according to Hindu mythology, it is said that this tree is wish-granting.

Kalpeshwar temple is one of the best destinations to visit in Chamoli Uttarakhand. You can visit here with your friends’ family as well as solo.

Here is the complete Kalpeshwar Temple Travel guide, mythological importance and travel tips.

Why Visit Kalpeshwar?

If you love trekking and believe in Lord shiva and want to meditate in one of the ancient shiva temples, then you must visit Kalpeshwar. For trekking enthusiasts and devotees, Kalpeswar trek offers stunning views of nature and the untouched valley. You are going to love the Kalpeshwar trek.

You can see the old Kalpvriksha tree here and wish for something you want to achieve in your life.

How to reach Kalpeshwar guide

The Kalpeshwar trek starts from the Urgam village, which is near Joshimath. Where the buoyant Kalpganga river flows in eternity. This beautiful area has many sprawling apple orchards and potato farms. You can also purchase Pahadi potatoes and Apples from the villagers at a very cheap rate.

Earlier the route to Kalpeshwar was from Helang to Kalpeshwar via Urgam Valley, having a trek distance of 10 Km. But not you can reach here by road because of the road infrastructure in Uttarakhand now it is well-connected by road.

Now the Kalpeshwar trek is just 1 Km because jeepable roads are available from Helang to Urgam. So we can say it is an easy-grade trek in Uttarakhand. You must visit Kalpeshwar once for sure, You can also hire a taxi from Garhwali Traveller for your journey to any destination in Uttarakhand.

You can also visit the Budha Kedar temple, Dhyan Badri and the Sapt Badri temple or the Seven Badri’s that are in the proximity of Kalpeshwar.

Activities to do in Kalpeshwar


Kalpeshwar temple is one of the Panch Kedar of Uttarakhand. Kalpeshwar is visited by thousands of devotees and pilgrims, mostly Shaivites or devotees of Lord Shiva.


You can camp and have a night campfire at the night just near the temple. There is a big ground and you can go camping there. Also, you can camp in the deep forest along with the guide


Kalpeshwar offers mesmerizing views of some of the great Himalayan peaks and other mountains. There are beautiful locations nearby Kalpeshwar temple, where you can take creative and awesome photos. Also, Urgam Valley and Helang are the best destinations for photography lovers.

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