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Rudraprayag is one of the smallest districts of Uttarakhand. This district is famous for the Kedarnath temple and some other important and ancient Hindu temples, thousands of tourist visit Kedarnath Dham. Rudraprayag District is located at the confluence of the Alaknanda River and Mandakini(both Tributaries of the Ganga River) in Uttarakhand. Many pilgrimage locations are popular within the district, inviting many devotees every year. Koteshwar temple on the bank of Alaknanda River is the finest example of this, it is one of the ancient temples of Lord Shiva. Little quaint towns situated on the river banks like Ukhimath and SonPrayag.

Rudraprayag is named after Rudra(an aspect of Lord Shiva). According to legends, Lord Shiva appeared here as “Rudra” to bless Narad Muni. An ancient shrine dedicated to Lord Shiva is here in the form of ‘Rudra’. Rudraprayag has significance for Char Dham Yatra, as it is the junction for visiting Badrinath and Kedarnath Dham. The Rudraprayag city is venerated as one of the five sacred ‘Panch Prayag’.

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Best Places to Visit in Rudraprayag

Koteshwar Temple:

Koteshwar temple is an ancient Shiva temple located on the bank of river Alaknanda just 3 Km before Rudraprayag city. It is a must to visit the temple if you are in Rudraprayag or planning to visit. Thousands of people visit this holy temple during the month of Saavan.


19 Km away from Rudraprayag, it is believed that sage Agatsyamuni meditated here in ancient times. There is a temple dedicated to him. Augustmuni temple is an ancient temple in the Agastyamuni town of Rudraprayag district.

Kartik Swami Temple

Kartik Swami temple is the only temple dedicated to Lord Kartikey in Uttarakhand. It is located on Rudraprayag – Pokhari road. The temple is located at a distance of 3 Km trek from Kanakchauri village. The temple is located on the top of a hill and is surrounded by the majestic view of the great Himalayas.


It is a small, important town to the Kedarnath route. There is an ancient temple where Doli of Baba Kedar stays for the off-season. This important pilgrim location has the ancient temples of Vishwanath and Ardhnareshwar.


Gaurikund is the trekking base for the Kedarnath route. There is a temple of Gauri(Parvati) and hot water springs(tapt kund) are also there.


The sacred site on the junction of Basuki River and Mandakini lies on the main Kedarnath route, which is about 5 Km from Gaurikund. The devotees believe that by the mere touch of the holy water of Son Prayag, one attains the “Baikunth Dham”. It is the second last major town of the Kedarnath Valley.


Likes on the route to Kedarnath and it is the winter residence place of Lord Kedarnath, as well as the seat of the Rawal(head priest of Kedarnath and Badrinath). Ukhimath is such a beautiful location and you are going to love this place.


Located at a distance of 12 Km from SonPrayag and is believed to be the site of Lord Shiva and Parvati’s marriage. The eternal flame around which the marriage was held, still burns there. This place is a popular wedding destination in India. Even foreigners visit this place for marriage.


‘Kedarnath Dham’, one of the holiest Hindu pilgrim places is located at an altitude of 3584 metres amidst towering snow-covered Himalayan peaks on the head of River Mandakini. Kedarnath has situated 86 Km from Rudraprayag. It is one of the Char Dham pilgrimage sites.

Chorabari Glacier:

The 6 km long glacier is about 3 Km from Kedarnath temple. River Mandakini originates from it and later merges into the Alaknanda River at Rudraprayag. About 2 km up from the temple, Gandhi Sarovar Lake is situated between the rock face and the right lateral moraine of the glacier.

Vasuki Tal

The beloved lake at a height of 4135 metres is surrounded by lofty snowy peaks. It offers an awesome and inspiring view of Chaukhamba peaks.


One of the sacred Panch Kedar sites, at an altitude of 3289 metres. About 25 km northeast of Guptkashi. The road route from Guptkashi to Kalimath is available, after that, you have to trek up to Madmaheshwar. It is the best destination for trekkers, nature lovers, content creators and photographers as well. If you are looking for a budget tour package to Madmaheshwar then you can customize your Madmaheshwar travel package.


One of the Panch Kedar ‘Tungnath’ is located at a height of 4090 metres, which makes it the highest Shiva Temple in the world and among the Panch Kedar. The nearest roadhead is Chopta, which is 4 Km down, from where one can trek or hire a pony.

These were the Rudraprayag tourist places that you can visit and enjoy.

How to reach Rudraprayag

By Road

Rudraprayag district is well-connected to all the major cities such as Srinagar, Rishikesh, Kotdwara, Dehradun, Delhi and other cities of Uttarakhand.

By Train:

The nearest railway station is Rishikesh (142 Km). You can take the train from any major city in India to Rishikesh, Haridwar or Dehradun and then the rest of the journey can be completed via road or helicopter.

By Air:

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant Airport, Dehradun (159 Km). Or you can take a helicopter from Sahastradhara to Srinagar or Gauchar and then travel to Rudraprayag via road.

Stats of Rudraprayag District

  • District Headquarters: Rudraprayag
  • Population of Rudraprayag: 2,36,857
  • Languages spoken in Rudraprayag: Garhwali, Hindi
  • Best Season to visit: October – March
  • Area: 1896 sq Km
  • Literacy rate: 74.24%
  • Altitude: 895 m
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