Karna Temple Karanprayag – Uttarakhand

karna temple

Karanprayag is famous for the ancient and historic place of Mahabharats, the karm Bhoomi of Karna. Karna temple is located on the holy junction of river alaknanda and Pinder. The temple is situated in the Karanprayag city of Chamoli, Uttarakhand. It is just 100 meters from the State Bank of India, Karanprayag branch (location – Krishna Palace). Karna temple is one of the best places to visit in Karanprayag.

Karna Temple in Karanprayag

The holy shrine is dedicated to a mythical character of Mahabharata, which was Karna. He is widely regarded as the most righteous and charitable of the Pandavas siblings. In order to please the Sun god, Karna meditated here at this holy place, from that time the place was named Karanprayag. Karanprayag is one of the five revered river confluences(Panch Prayag) in Uttarakhand. In Karnaprayag there is the confluence of River Alaknanda and Pinder, which is known as Karnaprayag Sangam. Where you can consider visiting.

Mytholody Behind Karna Temple

According to some popular beliefs, it is at this place Karna meditated to please the Sun God (father of Karna) and was granted the impregnable armour by the deity himself. Another legend saids that Karanprayag is the place where lord Krishna buried Karna after his tragic death in Mahabharats. When Arjuna fatally wounded Karna. Lord Krishna realized that the noble Karna is not dead as he was being protected by the Dharma Devi due to the innumerable charitable deeds he performed all in his life.

It was almost impossible to defeat and kill Karna when the goddess was protecting himself. Lord Krishna disguised himself as a Brahmin and asked Karna his good merits. The wounded Karna on his deathbed obliged and gave all his merits to the poor Brahmin. With no good merits with him any more, the goddess of righteousness just disappeared.

Lord Krishna nodded Arjuna to take the kill shot and before Karna eyes were closed forever. The Lord rewarded Karna with the view of his Vishwaroopam. In his dying breath, Karna asked Lord Krishna to bury him at a virgin land, which he obliged and cremated Karna at the holy land of Karanprayag.

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