Hotel Taj Palace Gauchar Uttarakhand

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Hotel Taj Palace is one of the premium hotels in Gauchar, Chamoli. The hotel is located on NH7 Badrinath Highway, Gauchar, Uttarakhand. There are 20 rooms in the hotel and a wedding hall is attached to the hotel. The hotel is located in an open place just side the main highway. Here is a free car parking area constructed by the Nagar Palika Gauchar administration a few years back. So you don’t need to worry about your car or any kind of vehicle parking. All types of shops are nearby the hotel, so you need any kind of product or grocery item you can purchase easily. Gauchar is one of the best cities in Chamoli Uttarakhand it is also known as the valley of flat lands and Gauchar is also popular for Gauchar Mela.

You can see the beautiful view of the railway line and nearby area from the balcony of Hotel Taj Palace Gauchar. You will enjoy the surroundings of the hotel. If you are searching for hotels in Gauchar then you can consider this hotel for your stay. The pricing of the rooms fluctuates as per the demand. The demand for rooms increases during Char Dham Yatra. So before your journey to Gauchar book your hotel in Gauchar in advance with the best pricing.

Book your hotels with Garhwali Traveller with the best rates in the market and we will provide you with a personal guide who will drop you at the hotel personally.

If you are going to spend a day in Gauchar then you must visit these places in Gauchar and enjoy the beauty of nature and Gauchar. There are some local destinations nearby Gauchar that you can visit.

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