Madmaheshwar Travel Guide

Madmaheshwar Travel Guide

Madhyamaheshwar is a Hindu temple dedicated to lord shiva located in the Rudraprayag district of Uttarakhand. This holy temple is located near Mansoona village and the trek to Madmaheshwar starts from Ransi village. The temple is located at an elevation of 3,487 meters and it is the fourth Panch Kedar of Uttarakhand. The other temples in the circuit include Kedarnath, Tungnath and Rudranath to be visited before the Madmaheshwar yatra and Kalpeshwar Temple is the 5th panch kedar in the circuit.

The middle(Madhya) or belly part of the navel of the bull, considered a diving form of Shiva is worshipped at this ancient temple. It is believed that this temple was built by Pandavas.

The surroundings of the temple offer majestic views of the great Himalayas and green bugyals. You are going to love the beautiful scenes and natural beauty.

The navel shaped – lingam is made of black stone and is enshrined in the sanctum of the temple. Madhmaheshwar is mystically covered by the snow-capped Himalayas on the right side, lush green alpine meadows on the left side and dense forest act as its backdrop.

How to reach Madmaheshwar

How to reach Madmaheshwar

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Opening Date of Madmaheshwar Temple Kapat 2023

The opening date of Madmaheshwar is 22 May 2023. Last year was on the 19th of May. The gates of Madhyamaheshwar temple have been opened for pilgrims for this 2022 Yatra season. Here is the guide to the gate opening process of Madhyamaheshwar temple.

  • The doli of lord Madhyamaheshwar started its journey on 20th May from Omkareshwar temple located in Ukhimath.
  • The first stop of the yatra was the Rakeshwari temple at Rasi village, where doli performed the traditional rituals on the 21st of May
  • Then the doli reached Gondar village on 21st May and will be stayed there for a night halt
  • On 22nd May at around 11.20 AM the gates were opened by Pujaris following all the rituals

Madmaheshwar Temple closing date 2023

The closing date of the Madhyamaheshwar temple is declared on the occasion of Vijayadashmi/ Dussehra. Last year, the temple was closed on the 18th of November. And for this year the date will be declared on Dussehra.

Activities to do in Madmaheshwar


Madmaheshwar is one of the ancient Hindu shrines and temple of lord Shiva. Many pilgrims partake in arduous pilgrimage every year to seek the blessings of Lord Shiva. The temple remains covered under a thick blanket of snow during winter.


Madmaheshwar is located 16 Km from Ransi village and Ukhimath is the nearest town with road connectivity. Madmaheshwar trek is a hard trek in some locations so if you are not enough physically fit then you must prepare yourself for this trek 1 month of the travel.


There are no accommodation facilities at Madhyamaheshwar so trekkers and pilgrims have to set up tents near Madmaheshwar and enjoy the natural beauty and the views of the great Himalayas. It’s a perfect location for camping but keep nature clean and get away your waste with you.

Madmaheshwar Travel Tips

Madmaheshwar temple remains closed from November to April

Do check the weather and road conditions before visiting Madmaheshwar

Check the opening and closing dates if you are planning to visit the temple and offer prayers

If you are not physically fit, then you can also find mules and porters for hire, but the real enjoyment is completing the trek on your own feet.

Madhyamaheshwar temple opening and closing timing – 6 AM to 9 PM

Staying in Madmaheshwar

There are a few homestays in Madmaheshwar where you can stay. But don’t expect any luxury at the homestays and Madmaheshwar. Because the temple is located at a very remote location, no premium and luxury facilities are available here.

You will get homemade and hygienic food here. Accommodation options are also available at Ransi Village, Gaundar, Bantoli etc.

Nearby Destinations Madmaheshwar

There are some other locations you can add to your Madmaheshwar trip, you can stop in Ukhimath to visit the Omkareshwar Temple. Budha Madhyamaheshwar is situated 2 Km from the main Madmaheshwar temple. If you love trekking then you can also visit Kanchani Tal which is 6 Km away from Madmaheshwar.

The trek to Kanchani Tal is a little difficult, so be mentally prepared for that. You can also extend your trekking expedition to Nandikund and Pandusera.

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