5 Best Places to Visit in Gauchar

Gauchar is a small town located in the Chamoli district of Uttarakhand at a distance of 800 meters from sea level. It is a small town which is surrounded by beautiful small hills and is popular for the Gauchar Airbase. There is not much more to explore in Gauchar, but a few places are here you can explore and visit if you are in Gauchar.

If you are in Gauchar then you can visit Gauchar Airport which is always open for travellers to visit, Bhatnagar village, Sari Village, Riverbank Alaknanda, Rano village near Gauchar, Govt Polytechnic Gauchar.

If you want to explore Gauchar more than you can also visit the Copper mine which is approx 10+Kms away from Gauchar. It is a very old copper mine in Dhanpur village that was discovered by the Britishers in the 18th century but due to some reasons later after years of copper mining, the mine was discontinued. But it is open for visitors to see.

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5 Best Places to visit in Gauchar

There are some places in Gauchar that you can visit if you are in Gauchar. If you are in Gauchar or planning to visit Gauchar and are confused about where to start. We have dedicated travel guides in Gaucher who will help you to roam in Gauchar. Also, there are hotels in Gauchar you can stay during your trip.

Gauchar Airport

Gauchar airport is one of the strategic airstrips which was constructed in the year 2000 and it is the most popular place. The total length of the Gauchar Aiport is 1.6Kms. If you are in Gauchar then you must visit Gauchar Airport, it remains open at evening time for people to visit inside the Airstrip for free.

Bhattnagar Village

Bhatnagar is a small village which is located in Gaucher town on the bank of the Alaknanda river. If you are a person who loves to visit the villages and loves to explore the lifestyle and uniqueness of the villages, then you must visit there. Alaknanda river is just 500 meters away from Bhattnagar village.

Rano Village

Rano is another village near Gauchar that you can also visit if you are in Gauchar. You can travel to this village on foot or via vehicle. But we recommend visiting there on foot so you can enjoy the beauty of the Alaknanda River and the artificial beach near it.

Sari Village

This village is just 1 Km away from Gauchar and easily accessible by road as well as on footway. But we recommend you to visit Sari via 2 wheeler with a shortcut way. If you visit here by Car, then you will have to cover a road route of 7Km. Sari, another village near Gauchar, and is one of the best villages nearby Gauchar where you can also visit. Don’t confuse the name Sari village with another Sari village, which is near Deoriatal lake in Ukhimath. The name is the same, but the locations are different.

Angrejo ka Bangla

Bangla is a historic place where there was a British bungalow of Britishers at that time. Which was constructed in the 12th century when India was under the regulations of the Britishers. The Bungalow is located at a distance of 6 to 8 KMS from the main market, Gauchar. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to reach there. Currently, the Bungalow is under renovation and restoration from the new end.

Interesting Places To Visit

  • Rawal Devta Temple
  • Mata Kali Temple
  • Bhairavnath Temple

How to reach Gauchar

You can reach Gauchar via helicopter from Dehradun. Or you can reach Gaucher via road route from Haridwar, Rishikesh, Delhi and so on. The nearest railway station is in Rishikesh. But the new railway line from Rishikesh to Karnaprayag is under construction. So within a few years reaching to Garhwal region will be more affordable and time-saving.

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