Rudraprayag Sangam Travel Guide

Rudraprayag Sangam

Rudraprayag a small town and district in itself of Uttarakhand offers you some pleasing and peaceful places where you can go. One of the holy places in Rudraprayag is Rudraprayag Sangam. The Sangam is the confluence of river Mandakini that originates from Kedarnath and Alaknanda from Badrinath. These two rivers meet here and the newly formed river remains Alaknanda upto Devprayag.

Kedarnath Dham is also located in Rudraprayag district, and the road to Kedarnath passes nearby from Rudraprayag Sangam. You can also choose the alternate bypass route if you don’t want to visit nearby Sangam. If you are planning to visit Kedarnath then you must visit Rudraprayag Sangam it is one of the best places to visit in Rudraprayag.

Why visit Rudraprayag Sangam

If you are searching for a peaceful and calm location near Rudraprayag and want to some relax. Then I recommend you to visit this place on the eve or in the morning time, you will feel so relaxed and pleased. If possible take a bath at the Sangam it will be more helpful for you and bathing at Sangam has relegious importance in Hindu Dharma.

Once you reach here after passing through a narrow gate and then stare down to the Sangam where there is an ancient temple and about its importance and whole history we will discuss below.

At Rudraprayag Sangam, you will feel another type of positive and relaxing energy. Sit on the confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini and see the beauty of both the rivers meeting with each other and the sunset view. It will make your day.

Mythology about Rudraprayag Sangam

Historians and other Hindu books and other texts say that in ancient times, Nrad Muni(a character from mythologies in the Hindu religion) meditated here upon the benevolent Lord Shiva for the gift of excellent music. After that, the knowledge of music spread to the whole world.

When visit Rudraprayag Sangam

The best time to visit Rudraprayag Sangam is throughout the year, and in the evening and morning, it is the best place to go. This place remains open to all the days and throughout the whole year.

For meditation, this place is best. You will really love this place for sure.