Shail Village Gauchar Chamoli

shail village gauchar

Shail village is one of the beautiful villages nearby Gauchar. It is just 3 km away from the main market Gauchar and easily accessible via road. The village doesn’t have any trek, as we generally see in the other most of the villages of Uttarakhand. This village is situated on Gauchar Duwa Road and anyone can visit Shail village without any problem.

If you don’t have a vehicle then you can easily reach Shail village on foot, it’s just a 3 Km road walk. You can see the beautiful view of river Alaknanda and Gauchar from here. The environment is so clean and peaceful, and also the peoples of the village are so good. One of my close friends Naren Shaily is from Shail village and is an artist, he draw some awesome wall paintings in his village to enhance the beauty of the village.

Whenever someone visits Shail village, he/she used to click photos with those wall paintings. Also, there is one of my favorite wall paintings of Lord Rama and Mata Sita in shail village. If you are planning to visit here then you must see the wall painting.

Shail village has surrounded a side by a green lush forest and the other side is blank, basically, it is located just above the top of NH 7 Badrinath highway. The population of the village is not so high, nearly 20 to 22 families live in the Shail village Gauchar.

Also, there is an ancient Bhairavnath temple in the village, which is the main attraction point of this village and a place to visit.

Shail Village Gauchar, Chamoli

Shail village overview

Population – 60 – 70

Nearby city – Gauchar

Nearby national highway – NH 7

Places to visit in Shail village – Bhairavnath Temple

The village is so neat and clean also the environment is pleasing and surrounded by greenery. It is one of the smallest villages of Chamoli. Overall, the village is so beautiful and peaceful. If you are planning to visit Gauchar or are already in Gauchar then you must visit Shail village. It is one of the best places to visit nearby Gauchar.

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