Urvashi Apsara Temple Badrinath Uttarakhand


Urvashi temple is an ancient temple of goddess Urvashi devi located in the Badrinath region of Chamoli district. Devi Urvashi was created from the left lotus thigh of Lord Vishnu(Narayana) in Badrikashrama.

This temple is located just 1.5 Km away from the Badrinath temple on the holy bank of river Alaknanda in the Bamini village. If you are in Badrinath then you must consider visiting this temple also, it is easily accessible by walking.

The Urvashi temple is set against the backdrop of Urvashi Parvat, Narayana Parvat and Nilkanth Parvat. There is also a beautiful waterfall of Rishi Ganga which enhances the beauty of this location. From here you can see the panoramic views of Nara Parvata along with other snow-capped peaks and mountains. If you are a nature lover then you are going to love this place. Urvashi temple is one of the best places to visit nearby Badrinath and Mana village.

Vedic History of Urvashi Temple

The Urvashi Temple is located at the site where Devi Urvashi appeared from the thighs of Lord Vishnu(also known as Narayana). Lord Narayana was engaged in penances here along with Nara.

The 4th canto of holy Bhagwad Purana explains the appearance of Sri Nara – Narayana as the son of Dharma Prajapati and his wife Murti Devi.

After the appearance of Sri Nara – Narayana at this place, the entire world was in a joyous mood and there was absolute serenity everywhere.

There were celebrations all around the world and on different planets. The Kinnaras and Gandharvas sang while the Apsaras danced. Flowers were showered from heaven and all the devtas including Lord Brahma were delighted and came forward to express their happiness.

Devtas offered prayers to please Sri Narayana and the Lord accepted their prayers.

The king of Devtas Indra thought that Lord Narayana wanted to take over his kingdom. To counter this he sent some beautiful apsaras from his court. Apsaras are celestial beauties found in the upper planetary system of the universe. Whose job is to entertain the devatas through their dances.

After the apsaras arrived at this place where Lord Narayana was engaged in penances, they started seducing them with their exciting dances and moves to disturb them after the order of king Indra. But Sri Nara – Narayana was already alert about this.

After that Lord Narayana touched his lotus thigh from which a beautiful woman appeared and after seeing that woman the apsaras were ashamed of their own beauty and activity.

Sri Narayana conveyed that they have not interested in taking over the throne of Indra and they are doing penances only for spiritual realization.

The beauty who appeared from the thigh of Lord Narayana was named “Urvashi”.

After that, she was sent to the court of King Indra along with other apsaras on the order of Sri Nara – Narayana.

Urvashi temple was built here to honor this lila of Lord Narayana.

The architecture of Urvashi Devi Temple

The architecture of the temple is simple as usual other common local Hindu temples we see in different parts of India. The simple architecture of the temple is based on the Nagara style of architecture found in north India. This temple is so simple in architecture, the same as the other temples we see in northern India.

A small shikara stands over the sanctum, a big brass bell marks the entrance of the temple.

There are two big decorated pillars at the entrance of the temple. Inside the Urvashi temple, there is a huge hall where devotees can come and have darshan and perform pujas.

Urvashi Devi temple timings

Urvashi temple remains open throughout the day. Devotees can visit the temple for darshan at any time from 7 AM to 8 PM.

Best time to visit Urvashi temple

The best time to visit the Urvashi temple is from May to June and September to October. We recommend you avoid visiting in monsoons.

How to reach Urvashi temple

Once you reached Badrinath town, visit Badrinath temple first and then you can visit the Urvashi temple. The cheapeast and easiest way to reach Urvashi temple is via the road network. Badrinath Dham is well-connected to the national and state highways, so you will not face any problems in finding vehicles to the Dham.

By Road

Badrinath Dham is well-connected to all the major cities of Uttarakhand via bus and cab services. You can get a bus directly from Dehradun, Rishikesh, or Haridwar.

By Train

The nearest railway station is at Rishikesh, which is approx 289 Km from Badrinath. Within a few years, you can reach Karnaprayag via train. But for the time being, the nearest railway station is in Rishikesh.

By Air

The nearest airport is Jolly Grant International Airport. From Dehradun, you can take a helicopter to Gauchar and then the rest of the journey is possible only via road network.

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